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December 7th

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The Jumping Goat has been shopping for christmas presents. You better be good. If all goes well, the very first “Goatcast” podcast should be ready soon, just in time to load on to the millions and millions of new iPods this holiday season. On to todays headlines.

The Good:

CBS has announced that its March Madness on Demand service for veiwing out of market NCAA mens Baskeetball Tournament games will be FREE this year. This makes The Goat wanna jump.

The Baaaad:

Big business has reared its ugly head again. This time Warner Bros. have asked the developer of a really cool application for adding song lyrics into iTunes to cease and desist. Fuck Big Business.

The Ugly:

Ron Glaser has retooled his Real based Rhapsody service into a web based music store. Its ugly.


The Jumping Goat’s 2005 Holiday Shopping Guide

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With the holidays now upon us, I am sure you are out scrambling to find the perfect gift for The Jumping Goat or some other lesser loved one. Well, The Jumping Goat feels your pain and has scoured the world to find the best gifts for this holiday season. So lets begin.

The Good.
The iPod from Apple Computer. Lets face it, somewhere on your list someone wants an iPod. Models start as low as $99 and go up to $399. There is the small and perfect Shuffle $99-$129 for 120-240 songs. Perfect for working out. The nano is next up for $199-$249 and will hold 500-1000 songs. And of course the big daddy of them all, the iPod. Available in 30GB or 60Gb the latest iPod will set you back $299-$399 and will hold either 7500 or 15,000 songs. YES it does also play video and yes it is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.
Honorable Mentions: The iMac G5, Star Wars toys, Gift Cards (people say they hate them, but most love picking out our own stuff, just make sure it is to a good store), Toy Story Anniversary DVD, Star Wars Episode III DVD, Motorola RAZR phone, iTunes Gift Certificates. For the kids, characters are HUGE. Spongebob, Dora, Star Wars, Transformers, Power Rangers, ect. These will all make kids happy. But for good measure, buy every kid on your list a book.

The Baaaaad:
Anything from Dell. If you really do not like someone and want to take the cheap and nasty route, is for you. Dell makes cheap crappy computers and digital music players. Anything from Dell is sure piss off everyone.
Honorable Mentions: The George Forman Grill. Does anyone ACTUALLY use these things?

The Ugly:
The Xbox 360. Well, if you can find one buy it. And sell it to some hapless dolt on ebay who cant wait 6 months to pick one up used for $99 bucks when the hype dies down and the Playstation 3 gets ready to ship. Seriously folks, this ones a dud.
Honorable Mention: Sony products. The PSP is very cool and would make a great gift, but the whole thing with those bad CDs has left a bad taste in the Goat’s mouth, which I assure you is hard to do.

As for The Jumping Goat? Well, I’ll just take satisfaction in helping you make the right shopping decision. Oh and an iPod. Black. 60GB. Please?

December 2nd.

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November 30, 2005

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The Good:

The Music Genome Project has launched a great site to help you discover new music.

The Baaaad:
Google. I love Google, but sometimes they banner ads are a tad off the mark. The Grateful Dead Merchandising company recently asked etree to stop allowing their shows to be downloaded. Deadheads have started a petition asking for a boycott of GDM. In steps google ads with “targeted” advertising. See pic below.

The Ugly:

Dell has introduced a new crappy digital music player. Good god. I’ll stick with my iPod.

Black Friday

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Today is Black Friday. The day after thanksgiving in my opinion is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

The Good:
Lots of good deals at retailers across the nation. Black Friday brings people out in droves. Its good for the economy.

The Baaaad:

Pat Morita, Mr. Miyagi of The Karate Kid fame has passed. Wax on Pat, Wax on.

The Ugly: The amount of time spent on discussing the Nick and Jessica split. Who cares? Like anyone thought they would stay together…

Thanksgiving Eve

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Twas the night before thanksgiving and all through the house The Jumping Goat was preparing to feast like no goat has feastded before. Tomorrow we will give thanks for all the good things in life. Please remember The Jumping Goat. On to todays headlines.

The Good:
Thanksgiving is upon us. The first snow fell gently on The Jumping Goat’s house today.

The Baaaad:
The highways in Cincinnati became parking lots today as loads of holiday travelers met with an unexpected snowfall. The snow was light and minor, but you must realize that in Ohio, the slightest sign of percipitation turns the already questionable drivers into complete and utter morons. The Jumping Goat says be careful out there!

The Ugly:

This week Microsoft released the much anticipated Xbox 360. Thousands and thousands of people waited in line all night for this thing. Guess what? Like all Microsoft products, the new Xbox is buggy and crash prone. Shame on them.


The original Xbox is still causing fires and nearly killed a woman in the UK.

Midday update! Special Edition of “the ugly”

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Tuesday Nov 22nd.

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Sunday Nov. 20th. The first Goat…errr post.

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